Renu Home


After serving our community for over 7 years, Renu will be
shutting its doors effective December 31st, 2016. The owner
has had to relocate and managing the business from a distance is no
longer feasible.

You can still redeem Gift Certificates that have not expired (you must have the actual certificate)
until December 27th. After that date, you can use your certificate with
the provider listed on the certificate (if listed), or with Natasha Standley, LMBT
or Joyce Killian, LMBT at Body Therapy beside Friday Friends after January 1st.

Gift Services will not be rendered without certificate present.

Our Provider's New Locations:

Body Therapy- Sanford Drive
Natasha Standley-828-448-0133
Joyce Killian-828-381-4137
Mari Sain- 828-443-2245

Dr. Elliott Chiropractic-
Terrace Place Morganton
Jennifer Shimeld-828-403-9877

Amazen Day Spa-
South Green Street
Jim Stapleton-828-403-7112

Reflexology & Bodywork Therapy-
next to Jake's Burgers
Patricia Hawkins-828-447-1975

(828) 403-0855